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Our School

A progressive education model in the lowcountry

Elevate Community School is a private school located in Daniel Island, South Carolina, 20 minutes from downtown Charleston. Founded in 2020, Elevate Community School brings a progressive education model to the lowcountry with Montessori inspired curriculum, low teacher to student ratios, outdoor exploration, and individualized lesson planning. 


Our curriculum fosters a dedication to learning through engaging multi-sensory lessons taught at each child's ability level. Our mixed aged classrooms are divided into three groups - The Cypress Room: ages 5-7, The Magnolia Room: ages 7-9, and The Oak Room: ages 9-12. We focus on educating the whole child through our robust curriculum including studies in math, language arts, kindness and community, science, social studies and geography, art and music, and outdoor education. 

We believe in the importance of outdoor play and provide ample time for children to explore, encouraging their natural curiosity, challenging their physical stamina, and allowing their hands to get dirty. 

Meet our teachers.

Over 300 hours spent outside*

Over 250 books read together*

20 historical and contemporary artists studied*



With a foundation based in Montessori education, students are given the opportunity to teach and model behaviors for others while learning from their peers in a mixed aged classroom. 


Since opening our doors as a single classroom serving mixed aged students in Kindergarten through second grade, Elevate Community School has added an additional grade level each year and will continue to do so through 8th grade.


Elevate Community School is accredited through the South Carolina Independent School Association. 


Elevate Community School takes pride in being a 100% women owned business.


From Humble Roots,
A School Takes Shape

Elevate Learning Project was founded in June of 2020 by Daniel Island community members Stefanie Swackhamer and Adrienne Day. During the Covid 19 pandemic, lives around the world began to change in ways we never expected as neighbors were forced from public spaces and asked to isolate in their homes with family. Many families began to re-evaluate what was once taken for granted, and further, imagine new opportunities in our own Daniel Island community. The demand for an alternative education model on Daniel Island became more prominent as families were challenged with modified public school offerings and protecting their children’s health and well being during a pandemic. Thus, the Elevate Learning Project began to take root.

Join Us On the Elevate Community School Journey





In 2020, Co-Founders Adrienne Day and Stefanie Swackhamer plan and execute a community-centered progressive educational experience as an alternative to public school offerings during the Covid-19 pandemic.


In the fall of 2020, Elevate Learning Project opens its doors as an alternative school experience for K-2nd grade students with one lead teacher serving 18 students.

In the fall of 2021, Elevate Learning Project admits 30 students serving K-4th grade with three full-time teachers. 

In the summer of 2022, Elevate Learning Project expands into a larger facility on Daniel Island offering 6,800 square feet of educational space and serving 50 students with five teachers.


In the fall of 2022, Elevate Learning Project further defines their mission and role in the community by adopting a new school name Elevate Community School. 


Coming soon… In 2023, Elevate Community School will offer middle school enrollment serving students through grade 6. Grade 7 will be offered in 2024 and Grade 8 in 2025.

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