The Elevate Learning Project is a community centered elementary education

program located in Daniel Island, SC. We are bringing a progressive education

model to the lowcountry with our Montessori influenced curriculum, small class

sizes, outdoor exploration, and individualized lesson planning. 🌎

"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child."

- Maria Montessori

Mission Statement


It is the mission of Elevate Learning Project to contribute positively to our community through educational programs including a primary focus on kindness, peace, and acceptance in addition to a rigorous academic curriculum. 


Core Values  


Elevate Learning Project is a community centered collaboration of educators, community activists, entrepreneurs, and parents. By adhering to our core values, we strive to develop kindness and empathy in our students.


Our core values include: 

  • Respect: For ourselves, each other, and our environment

  • Individualized learning experiences for each student

  • Opportunities to explore concepts and ideas in a variety of ways

  • Contributing positively to the community

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