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Welcome to Elevate

Elevate Community School is a private school located in Daniel Island, South Carolina. Founded in 2020, Elevate Community School brings a progressive education model to the lowcountry with Montessori inspired curriculum, low teacher to student ratios, outdoor exploration, and individualized lesson planning.

Mission Statement

To make a positive impact in our community through a progressive education program that delivers rigorous academic curriculum, nurtures the potential of every student, and promotes kindness, peace, and acceptance for all.


Core Values

Elevate Community School is a community centered collaboration of educators, community activists, entrepreneurs, and parents. By adhering to our core values, we strive to develop kindness and empathy in our students.

  • Nurture kindness, peace, empathy, and respect for ourselves, each other, and our environment.

  • Engage students by exploring educational concepts and ideas in a variety of ways, inspiring individualized learning experiences for each student

  • Contribute positively to the community by teaching our children how to become respectful citizens of the world.

How Do We Elevate

“Elevate is the most outstanding school that my children have ever attended. The teachers and staff are highly skilled at teaching and nurturing children. One of the most spectacular aspects of the Elevate education is the outdoor component. My children are getting hands on, real life experiences that are invaluable and unique. My children cannot wait to go to school everyday and can't wait to tell me what they did that day when I pick them up. They gain so much from being able to learn in nature. They have become interested in protecting the environment, caring for native plants and animals, and taking care of their community through activities like "neighborhood clean ups". All children should have the opportunity to learn outdoors. Elevate creates those experiences for kids in our community.”

- Allison B.

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